Software Untuk Merekam Layar PC/Laptop

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Software Untuk Merekam Layar PC/Laptop - Jika teman-teman ingin mencoba membuat tutorial seperti mungkin bagaimana cara membuat efek potosop, kan kita harus membuat video bagaimana langkah-langkahnya mulai dari awal sampai akhir. Nah bagi yang belum tau caranya, teman-teman bisa menggunakan software oCam (Screen Recorder). Untuk instalasinya mudah dan gampang, dan saya kira penggunaan software ini juga terbilang mudah.
Features of product
* Computer screen, video recording is possible.
* Recording sound from your computer as you can.
* Video codecs installed on your computer by selecting the user can record.
* A variety of sound quality when recording can be selected.
* Screen capture is possible.
* Recording area of ​​the keyboard can be easily controlled.
* Can record the full screen and window area.
* During recording, the mouse cursor can be set to be included.
* Bug reporting is available to developers.
* Record the results can be stored in a specific folder, you have the option.
* oCam dual-monitor support.
* Flash in the IE browser, the target area can be selected.
* Preferences from the FPS setting is possible.
* Automatically recording the end of recording timeout function is available.

What's New
Version 7.0 (2012-11-28)
* Changed interface to set up the recording area.
* When you start recording, recording speech synthesis is interrupted, an error occurs (Fix)
* For each monitor in dual monitor recording area to be set aside.
* Bug reporting system to change the way web pages.
* When you move the recording area, the main window will be moved.(Option)
* When recording the elapsed time is displayed.
* Change icon ( Webdesigner Depot - webdesignerdepot )
Version 5.4 (2012-09-07)
* Add a Windows 8 (32bit and 64bit) operating system support.
* 100% free(No Ads) Recorder for home and office. 
* Flash in the IE browser, the target area can be selected.
* Can record the full screen and window area.
How to Start
oCam is very easy and simple.
1. Set your record area.
2. Press the Record Button.
3. Press the Stop Button. (Complete)
1. Xvid or x264 or vp8 codec install on your pc.
2. The codec to be applied to ocam must restart.
3. Set oCam Option(Record Tab) -> Select Video Codec.

The Xvid video codec implements MPEG-4 Simple Profile and Advanced Simple Profile standards.
Xvid Codec Download 

x264vfw is the VfW (Video for Windows) version of well known x264 encoder + ffh264 decoder.
x264vfw Codec Download 

The VP8 codec encodes with same or higher quality than most H.264 video encoders.
Google VP8 codec Download

oCam (Screen Recorder).zip

Selamat mencoba tips Software Untuk Merekam Layar PC/Laptop, tapi jangan lupa untuk download oCam (Screen Recorder) full.
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