Cheat Point Blank 22122010 [SF] Dhannyolan v1.4

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Cheat Point Blank 22122010 [SF] Dhannyolan v1.4

Product Name : [SF] Dhannyolan v1.4 Release
Released : 22-12-2010
Creator : Dhannyolan@SF
Thanks to to : _hrd_
RCD = for RCD BASE 2.0
Indrascott >> guru ane
ikiscream >> kawan diskusi ane

Archive Type : RAR
Game Target : PointBlank
Anti-Cheat : AhnLab HackShield Pro
Type : Trainer
Feature : [*] Minimize On = HOME
[*] Minimize off = END
[*] Wallshot On = INSERT
[*] Wallshot off = DELETE
[*] Bomberman On = F1
[*] Bomberman off = F2


- Untuk Wallshot pke sellect for dll>>> pilih Dhannyolan@SF.dll (biasanya paling bawah)

- Bomberman tested in xp tahan 10 menit tanpa di off kan........ saat mati harus di off kan dengan menekan F2

- Tekan wallshot saat dalam room-------->> start-->>> saat loading screen bru tekan off

Thanks to : RCD, HRD,, INDRASCOTT@snutz ,n ikiscream......

Cheat Point Blank 22 Desember 2010 [SF] Dhannyolan v1.4

Pasword: dhannyolan ganteng only

Seperti Biasa, Kalo cheat nya gg work Berarti agan harus instal dulu VCredict_x86

Muhammad Aan
Cheat Point Blank 22122010 [SF] Dhannyolan v1.4 - written by Muhammad Aan , published at 3:31:00 PM, categorized as Cheat PB . And have 0 komentar
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